The Allspark created the first genaration of transfomers. Do you want to know? Ok I'll tell even if you don't want to.

The first generation of autobot's were Optimus Prime, Rachet, Sideswipe, Bumble Bee, Jazz, and Iorn Hide.

The first generation of decepticon's were Megatron, Starscream, some decepticon jets, Shockwave, Soundwave Barracade, Brawl, Bonecrusher, and Blackout.

The start of the war is not the worse but the end of the war will be better.

Chapter 1 The startEdit

"Where is the energy bars" Optumus asked Jazz. As Jazz came back from getting energy for him and his fellow robots. "I didn't find any" Jazz replied. "Meanwhle". "Hey Rachet how long do you think this would last" Bumbblebee asked Rachet. "A few mega miles" Rachet replied. "But let's get back to base" Rachet said. "Transforming noices". "A little later". "Decepticons" Rachet said. "Autobots get them" Starsceam yeld to his fellow decepticon jets. "Electric gun noises". "Get in" Rachet said to Bumblebee. "Ok" Bublebee replied "Electric gun noises" "Just a little further" Rachet said to Bumblebee. "Ok" Bumblebee said. "Where here" Rachet said to bumble bee

Chapter 2 Take offEdit

"Prepair for take off" Megatron and Optimus prime said. "Engien noise" "Take off" Megatron and Optimus said "Follow them" Megatron said. "Ahh were stuck in there space bridge" Optimus said. " A battle goes on inside the autobot ship" The end of book 1

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